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The wait is finally over, and history has been made. Congratulations to Johnny Manziel.

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Wow. This year has been a whirlwind of emotion filled in with grit and sheer hope that has ended up with a better result than anyone could have imagined. And then there was tonight.

Johnny Manziel made history today when he was declared the first Freshman to ever win the Heisman trophy. His play on the field was unquestionable: he broke records right and left and electrified the nation with his highlight plays. But tonight was saw the serious side of Johnny Manziel, and those words spoke as loudly as any of his football plays.

Johnny named his parents, his grandpa, his high school coaches. He named his former and current head and position coaches. He named each of the starters on his offensive line. Then he spoke of former teammate Joe Villavisencio, who passed last year during the Holidays in a tragic car accident.

It was impossible to tell whether or not Johnny was growing up in front of our eyes or not, because we have no past template of Johnny's speaking to compare it to. These last couple of weeks have given us a really interesting glimpse into the life of Johnny. What we do know is that he's now a mature leader of this Aggie team, and will be for some time to come.