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GBH Editor on National Heisman Perspective

Our very own thacktor tells pundits why Johnny deserves to win the Heisman tonight.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Link to thacktor's article here

Click to jump to a very fine argument on why history should be made by the freshman tonight. thacktor sums everything up just about perfectly. Here's a teaser:

This quarterback has matured faster than anyone could have expected and his infectious, competitive attitude has spread to the entire team and it's hungry, loyal fan base. By now, you've probably heard that Manziel broke Cam Newton's total offensive record of 4,327 yards in two fewer games. What that stat doesn't tell you is that during blowout wins, Manziel sat out nine full quarters. That's 2.25 games, bringing his actual playtime total to 9.75 games played. He also broke Archie Manning's single-game offensive record in his 557 yard, 4 touchdown performance against Arkansas. Two weeks later he broke his own SEC record with a 576 yard, 6 touchdown effort against Louisiana Tech. I could keep listing accomplishments for Johnny Football, but the list is just far too long to include here.