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Heisman Voter Thayer Evans is Better Than You

A peek inside the "mind" of a Heisman voter.

Sports Illustrated released their voters' choices yesterday. The good news is that seven of the eight voters had Johnny at #1. The not-so-good news is that the eighth voter didn't even have Johnny in his top three. Here is his reasoning:

"And yes, I realize I don’t have Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel on my ballot. I don’t consider players with pending criminal charges, and Manziel still faces three counts relating to an early morning fight in June."

This is only part of Mr. Evans' petty dickmanship, and we won't get into much more here because SportsGrid did a fantastic job of eviscerating his argument already. This is just a friendly reminder that the Heisman Trophy has way too many voters and that inevitably some of them will abuse the privilege to get attention.

Johnny's going to win tonight, but don't expect the haterade to suddenly dry up, especially since he's only a freshman. As long as there is the Internet, there will be entities like Thayer Evans. And don't you ever forget: he is better than you.

At trolling.