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It's Mailbag Time: A Show Full of Rants Tonight

Tonight's show is going to be all about Heismans, Aggie Hoops, and don't get us started on some of these Heisman voters.


First off, in case you haven't already signed up, head over to our ESPN College Bowl Mania Challenge and submit your picks. If you're scared, you can use the Good Bull Master Bracket for reference. Speaking of ESPN, I can't say I'm surprised they sided with the ESPN blogger in the last ESPN UNITE throwndown, chodes.

So after everyone has had a week to frantically track down Heisman votes, what are your thoughts on Saturday night? Do we get to see history be made? Be honest, has there been a better time to be an Aggie? This all feels kind of crazy still. If it feels good to you, imagine how good it must feel to this guy:


So, who else is ready to go back to college?

Tune in to The Around Aggieland Show tonight at 8:30PM (thanks for the tip about the Awards Show not ending until then) to get caught up on anything you may have missed this past week. The gloves are coming off tonight when we talk about some of these Heisman voters across the country. Call us up tonight and talk to us live on the air about Aggie Sports, or whatever else comes up at 342-237-4898. As always, leave us your questions and comments below and we'll make sure we get to them tonight on the air.

BTHO OU and Manti Te'o!