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Good Bull Hunting Bowl Challenge Podcast and Contest

The bowl game experts from Good Bull Hunting sat down together for a few hours to create the master bracket in our first ever Bowl Mania Challenge.


LOL, ohh Louisiana Tech, you silly coonasses. Since you get no bowl, you get the cover photo. Hooray. Now that we've got that out of the way, make sure you click the link below to join our ESPN Bowl Mania Challenge group.


It was a pretty hilarious two hours on the Good Bull Hunting Bowl Challenge Show last night. Myself, Cuppy, Hunter, Wes, and Will did our best Around the Horn impersonation as we went through each and every bowl game this season until we had selected a winner for them all. Our master bracket is now complete, so feel free to cheat off of it when you create your own entry. On second thought, you probably shouldn't look at ours, not even a little. In case you missed it live last night, check out the podcast below of the special (really, it was special) show we put together.

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Thanks to everyone that tuned in, and thanks to the good Dr. Comacho for calling in. Also, thanks to our unofficially official sponsor of the show last night, Jonathan's the Rub restaurant in Houston. The crew will never turn down a free rub.