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GBHunting Bowl Selection Radio Show and Challenge

Tune in tonight for the first ever Good Bull Hunting Bowl Selection Radio Show and Bowl Mania Challenge Extravaganza Spectacular Special.

Andy Lyons

It's been an absolute wild ride for Aggie fans during this first season in the Southeastern Conference. Even more importantly, it has been an absolute blast to watch the Good Bull Hunting community dominate the internet. We are now in that long, depressing part of the season where we sit and wait for the bowl games to kick off. Don't worry, we know you are basing all of your holiday plans around the Florida State vs. Northern Illinois BCS Bowl game. That just feels dirty to say. Since all the bowl games have now been filled, there's only one thing left to do...

Join us tonight at 8PM Central as the Good Bull Hunting crew goes live on the internet airwaves to break down all of the bowl games and pick our winners for each. We'll give a little background on each team, and then argue until we have a majority winner for each game. At the end of the show, our picks will be entered into our ESPN College Bowl Mania bracket so we can be held accountable for our un-expert opinions. This is where our GBH community comes in. We cordially invite all of you to enter the first ever Good Bull Hunting College Bowl Mania Challenge. Compete against our "expert" bracket for the chance to win some to-be-determined prizes. Don't worry, we'll have the prizes set up before the first bowl game kicks off. Plus, it's free to play, so there's that. Tune in tonight at 8PM while Derek, Hunter, Wes, Spreadsheet, Will, James, Doug, and Cuppy rant and ramble through all of this year's bowl games.

TL:DR version.

1. Tune in to the GBH College Bowl Mania radio show tonight at 8PM and call us during the show to share your thoughts 347-237-4898. Tune in here: CLICK TO LISTEN

2. Sign up for our ESPN College Bowl Mania challenge to compete against us and win free stuff: CLICK TO ENTER AND WIN

3. Sit back, laugh at us, call in to prove us wrong, and just get ready to BTHO OU!