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Presents Under the Aggie Holiday Tree

Now that you have spent the holidays with your family, whether you wanted to or not, it is time to see what Johnny Claus has left under the Aggieland Tree for all of the Texas Aggies out there. Hope you didn't get any teasip gear for Bad Bull!

The food has been eaten, the liquor drank, presents unwrapped, and those annoying family members are gone. You have survived another Christmas, although your wallet may be on life support. Wait! What is that? Yes! There are still a few more presents to be unwrapped under the Aggieland Tree. I surely hope Johnny Claus was nice to you this holiday season. Let's see what he brought the Texas Aggies this year --

A Johnny Manziel Get Out of the NCAA Jail Free Card -- We all know Johnny Manziel didn't pay for those courtside tickets you guys. There is no possible way a college-aged young man can come from a family that is well off and can pay for things like that. Especially one that is a football player. They all drive cars that are twenty years old and can barely pass state inspection, eat Ramen Noodles for every meal, and pick up their new threads from Goodwill. One of these days Johnny will get caught for taking these extra benefits, and when he does he can just give the NCAA the bird or one of these get-out-of-jail-free cards. And for the love of the newborn 6 pound baby Jesus Christ, Johnny will you please stop taking advantage of your free time and start preparing for this Cotton Bowl that is only 10 days away? Or at least pretend like you are? Us who have Bad Aggie Syndrome (BAS) can't handle the fact that a football player might get out of practice early or have free time instead of preparing for an opponent for 6 weeks straight.

Luke Joeckel and Damontre Moore Another Year Pass in Aggieland -- There is one last game to be played this football season, and after the Cotton Bowl is wrapped up, Aggies will turn their attention to learning the decision of both Luke Joeckel and Damontre Moore to go pro or stay in Aggieland for their senior season. Give the Aggies what they want you two. Top 5 NFL Draft picks, million dollar contracts, living out a childhood dream, those are all just things. It is more important to help out the needy, your position coaches.

A Hungrier Men's Basketball Team -- Aggie Basketball tickets would have been a great stocking stuffer this holiday season. Dirt cheap, and you could have bought them by the ton. It has been tough to watch Aggie Basketball lately. The offense doesn't flow, the defense looks lost, and I'm not sure we know what a set play is coming out of a timeout. But the most concerning thing about the team may be the appearance of no heart. No fire. No want to. The effort just simply doesn't seem to be there. Most Aggies I know can root for a team that comes up a little short but gives everything to try and win. They won't pay attention to a team that lacks the hunger to win. So for the start of the SEC season, we get a team that puts out a little more effort in the pillow fight that is the SEC West.

An Early Spring for Aggie Baseball -- Baseball season is only something like 50 days away. Can you believe that? Once the Cotton Bowl wraps up, many Aggies will turn their focus to Rob Childress' squad as they battle their way through their first season of SEC Baseball. I can't wait to play some of the country's best baseball programs in the best college venues around. And what's even better? It will be on TV finally! ESPNU Thursday nights here we come. Screw you Big 12 TV contracts and non-working internet feeds. Fire up Thunderstruck from the Olsen (Oops, Blue Bell Park) speakers.

More Hardware from Pat Henry -- Remember when we used to be good at that sport where they run around in a circle? Whatever happened to that? With NCAA Indoor Track and Field heating up and the Outdoor season around the corner as well, the preseason rankings will start coming out in January and don't be surprised if both the Men and Women are once again at or near the top of the polls being serious contenders for the national title. Trophies are a beautiful thing in Aggieland.

Raises and Extensions for the Football Coaching Staff -- What is your deal Mr. Hyman? Don't you see all these other programs giving their coaches raises by now? Oh, nobody really has? Still, don't you see our coaching staff getting picked off one by one? Oh, only Kingsbury has left so far? But I really liked Kingsbury. It's time to pay our coaches and get into the top half of salaries in the SEC. Truth be told, at our current rate we aren't even competitive with the top programs. This coaching staff is special and we need to do all we can to keep them around. Plus, those extensions for Dennis Franchione and Mike Sherman worked out well.

Kyle Field Redevelopment Drawings -- Around the holiday table this year, I'm sure your brother-in-law had the scoop on what was going on with the Kyle Field Redevelopment project. More luxury boxes! Tearing down the west side! South endzone seating! Well, duh. But what will it look like? Simply, nobody knows with a construction partner chosen just last week. We will have to wait a little longer to open this gift. It's awesome to know it will be good, though.

Half-off Concessions at Jerryworld Voucher-- The Cotton Bowl tickets and hotel already cost an arm and a leg. Now you have to cough up $50 for parking and another $10 just for a bottle of water? At least the as well. Your wallet deserves a little break, so take half-off concessions this bowl game. That means a beer is only $6! Enjoy it while you can because you will be coming back every year for Arkansas-Texas A&M. Yay!

SEC Ready Kit for the Ladies -- Good job, good effort at the tailgates this season ladies. I wasn't good my first time, either. With your hunk Kliff Kingsbury out the door to waste away in Lubbock, maybe you can focus in now on becoming more SEC Ready. Less overalls, more sundresses. Learn how to hold your liquor down a little better and get to liking us fellas in seersuckers. Show them girls in Alabama and Mississippi that a Texas gal is the best around.

Mack Brown for Years to Come at Texas -- How bad is it in Austin? My great uncle who played fullback for Texas in the 60's was wearing Aggie gear this Christmas. That bad. But, no need to get rid of Mack Brown right now Longhorn fans. Especially after your offensive coordinator left and your defensive coordinator is wanting out, too. Everything is just fine. It is okay to be picking over the recruiting scraps that fall from Coach Sumlin's table. Be thankful that TV network thing is working out for you and the Big 12 is such a great conference everyone went 7-5.

What did we miss? New Cotton Bowl uniforms, Betty Basketball for Gary Blair, construction to be finished on Wellborn? Let us know with your comments as we might be able to get that on sale tomorrow when we make some returns.