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What else has Johnny been up to?

GBH has obtained exclusive photos of Johnny Jet-set's latest doings.

Johnny kicks it with the A-List celebs
Johnny kicks it with the A-List celebs

Johnny's been all over the news lately: the talk show circuit, taking pictures with beautiful actresses, and just last night he had the audacity to have COURTSIDE SEATS AT A BASKETBALL GAME. It's shameful. And yet it seems the trend is nothing new for him. Here are some of his other shenanigans with A-List celebrities:

Hey, Mick--why is everyone calling this "football"?

Kate was suddenly aware of an intense presence on the balcony, and it wasn't wearing a sash.

Smells good. What are y'all making...brownies?

And then he goes, "Johnny, we'd like you to play defensive back." I know, right?!?

Cool car, Mr. Hasselhoff.