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Texas A&M and Oklahoma to play in the Cotton Bowl

Everything you thought you knew about bowl season was wrong. Let us help you.

Scott Halleran

All media outlets (including this shoestring enterprise) thought that the Texas A&M Aggies were bound for the Capital One Bowl in Orlando as recently as a handful of hours ago.

Clearly, we were off. College football is a fluid, political machine, and we are all subject to its snotty fluctuations.

Texas A&M is going to play an old, familiar foe in Oklahoma in the 2013 Cotton Bowl. OU has always been an interesting game. The two programs share an aggressive disdain for the University of Texas. In those emotions, there is shared solace. But rest assured, there is still plenty of hate to make this one of the very best bowl games of the year.

Reggie McNeal as a freshman. Jason White. Adrian Peterson. Mike Sherman at Kyle. And yes, 77-0. We're already hearing about some of the darkest moments in Texas A&M football history.

This is going to be one of the best bowl games of the season. Conference pride is on the line. Book your suburb hotels in DFW. Tailgate at a baseball stadium. Jerry World sucks, but at least we get a crack at an old friend. Two 10-2 teams and Sumlin being a Stoops' protege should keep us chatting for the next month.

Beat the Hell Outta Oklahoma.

There was another team I wanted a piece of. Soon enough. Soon enough.