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Q&A with Roll Bama Roll: Texas A&M vs. Alabama

This week we figuratively sat down with Todd from SB Nation's Roll Bama Roll to get his input on Texas A&M at Alabama. Be sure to check out their meltdown thread this week, even if it prominently features the Aggies. OF COURSE, IT WON'T!

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

How many funerals have you attended where the eulogy closed with "Roll Tide"?

None, but I'm sure I will eventually, even if it's just my own.

Who do you hate more? Tennessee or Auburn?

Its kinda hard to feel anything other than pity for either one right now, but "they low down, they dirty, they some snitches..."

If AJ were a Keanu Reeves movie character, which one would he be?

Kevin Lomax, but only cause Al Pacino and Nick Saban are both short (and the devil.)

What is your opinion on this article?

That first dude kinda looks like Rick Warren. Also, WTF is a Dennis Franchione?

How much longer will Nick Saban stay at Alabama?

Until he decides he isn't effective anymore. No other school is going to give him the dictatorial control over their program that we have, and he knows that he isn't cut out to be an NFL coach. He's probably got another 5-10 years in him before he can't cut it anymore, and like Bryant I think he's smart enough to know when its time to hang it up and not just hang around as a Bowdenesque figurehead the detriment of the program. Also, thanks for providing the opportunity to compare Saban and Bryant!

What will you do if Auburn wins at the end of the year?


What is your 2nd favorite SEC team?

Texas A&M. No, for real, I'm glad to have y'all in the conference. Obvious historical ties to Alabama aside, y'all bring a long history with LSU and Arkansas to the table, too, and playing y'all annually has the makings of a great new rivalry. Plus, everyone else sucks.

Would you mind apologizing for Dennis Franchione? I mean you took the Bear and Stallings from us, this is clearly not an equitable trade off.

Seriously, WTF is a Dennis Franchione? Is that one of y'all's weird Texas myths like Pecos Bill or Lyle Lovett?

How many Bama tats do you have?

None, but I've already decided that on my 50th birthday I'm going full chest tatt with Mt. Rushmore but instead of the presidents have the members of the band Alabama. Does that count?

Are there any matchups that concern you on Saturday?

Manziel vs our front seven. Despite the poor showing against LSU, I think our secondary is up to the challenge of taking away the passing threat, but after the physical beating we took and the fact y'all have the best offensive line we'll have played to date I'm a little concerned about our ability to keep contain on him. We learned our lesson about blitzing past and letting mobile QBs get out of the pocket from Tim Tebow in the '08 SEC Championship Game so don't expect a lot of blitzing, but Manziel is still a tremendous athlete that will force us to play him perfectly.

What is your score prediction?

I'm terrible at score predictions but I think Alabama pulls away late, 30-17