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Good Bull Podcast Episode 40 - It's Bama Week

Last night's show ran a little long because there was definitely a lot to talk about. We broke down the things to watch for during the game against Alabama. We highlight some of the epic articles that went up on the site this week. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for the great calls last night.

Stacy Revere

The Aggies are sitting at 2-0 as they head into the belly of the SEC beast tomorrow to take on Alabama. Before the season started, you would have been considered either a homer or slightly insane if you predicted the Aggies would be where they are at this point in the year. Big thanks to Todd from Roll Bama Roll for joining us and talking about the Alabama perspective leading up to this weekend's game. Like we mentioned on the show last night, it's refreshing to talk to SEC fans and writers compared to what we left.

Thanks to Shaggy and Joe for the good questions they called in to the show with, and to Kennedy with the recruiting question on Twitter.

Click Play. Enjoy. Comment. Tune in next week.

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