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Fanthropology: why we’re rabid, why we’re loyal

SB Nation is working with the Hyundai Fanthropology Series centered on fan loyalty and excitement. You, the reader, have a chance to express your excitement and win an incredible grand prize.

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Beloved Aggie brethren, I know that y'all love an internet competition the way JFF loves Scooby Snacks, and am I pumped to share this beast of a competition with you. I've traveled this land near and far to watch college football, and I will put Aggie fans' passion and love for college football up against any other set of fans. I've been to the Coliseum, I've been to the Death Valleys (LSU and Clemson), I've been to the Grove, I've been to the Big House, I've been to Memorial Stadium, I've watch countless games at Notre Dame Stadium, and I firmly believe that Texas A&M has the best fans on earth. Fellow Ags, you were born for this competition.

Do you know why Hyundai is awesome? Because they love college football. And they love college football fans. So much that they're going to send one of you and a companion to the game of your choice, with airfare and hotel. How do you enter? Easy: just do what you do best - be a fan in the comments. The topic here is simple: why are you - are we - such loyal, committed fans? College football fans are the most dedicated and loyal fans there are; tell Good Bull Hunting your story, and if your comment is the best one, you'll be selected as a finalist for the contest. As a finalist, we'll talk about why we're crazy about the Aggies, except we'll take it to the front page. And if our conversation is selected by the judges as their favorite? You're going to whatever game you want. And hopefully using your second ticket on me, ColoradoAg. I promise to buy all the beer.

My journey to Aggie addiction and obsession is unique. For one, I'm not a native Texan. I was born and raised in Colorado to a die-hard Ohio State Buckeye father and a mother that went to Notre Dame. From a very early age, my mother indoctrinated me into all things Irish. Even as a young lad, my love for college football was insatiable. I adored the Rocket and Jerome Bettis. I vividly remember the inaugural episodes of College Gameday.

My college career started at Colorado State University where I was playing hockey. This was during the Bradlee Van Pelt years, so I got to watch a lot of fun football. My hockey career kind of sputtered out due to some injuries and general lack of talent, and I decided to transfer. When I looked at places to go, I thought going to a school that was wildly passionate about football would be ideal. I visited Texas A&M for a game, and the rest is history. I fell in love with the school and the football team. This was during the Fran years, so the relationship was abusive at times, but the love never wavered. Now, we have an immensely lovable team and I got to launch Good Bull Hunting with Cuppy Cup and we've added some of the most talented, hilarious Aggie writers around. Texas A&M football is incredibly special to us, and we want to hear why it is special to you.

To recap, here are the crucial deets:

1) Respond in the comment section of this article explaining why YOU are a loyal, rabid fan. Tips: I'm your audience and I appreciate wit, good grammar, and absurd tales from football weekends. Please note that you get ONE entry across the entire SB Nation network, so make it count.

2) On Monday, November 12th, I will read all the comments on this post and select my favorite. I will then contact you to confirm that you want to be the Good Bull Hunting finalist.

3) If YOU are the finalist, you and I will have a conversation over email about your Texas A&M fandom. The conversation will be converted into a new post to be featured on Good Bull Hunting. The conversation will occur the week of November 12th.

4) A panel of judges will read our conversation along with the other finalists across the SB Nation network and select a grand prize winner by Thursday, November 22nd.

5) If you win you get this bad boy package: two airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and two game tickets to the regular season or bowl game of your choice.

It is now up to you, Ags. I really, really want one of you to win this prize. Show the world how passionate an Aggie fan is.

Gig 'em and BTHO Alabama.

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