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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 10 Ballot

A scare at the top and a concession to our rivals in Austin. It's a BlogPoll, baby!

Stephen Dunn

Acid-washed jeans and clunky white sneakers sports takes - or - your average sports reporter:

  • Didn't Uncle Colorado tell you that Boise State never was to be ranked? Sometimes it takes that drunk uncle to tell you that Corona is a shitty beer and that they benefit from good marketing and name recognition. The Broncos lose to the Aztecs at home and are never to be heard from again unless the Mayans say so.
  • Speaking of name recognition. Notre Dame. Hot damn that game could (and should?) have gone the other way. Voice of reason: many undefeated teams stumble at some point in the season against supremely inferior competition and still escape. Getting dozens of 18-22 year old guys to focus on the task at hand for 13 straight weeks takes some voodoo and luck. Now the Irish coaches get to humble their guys, beat up on Boston College and Wake Forest, and then gear up for Los Angeles.
  • Not much change at the top for me. I will probably be branded an A&M homer, and I'm okay with that. It actually took some temperance not to slot them a little higher.
  • Last week I told you I wasn't going to rank the Texas Longhorns again this season. Well, that was kind of dumb. 1) Texas looked nice against Tech. 2) There are a lot of bad teams after you get through the first couple layers of quality 3) I spoke like a slack-jawed politician
  • Welcome, MACtion! Toledo and Northern Illinois. Great to have y'all on board. Kent State, you're next.
  • What do we make of UCLA?
  • I'm still not rewarding Louisville. Bridgewater is nice, but the MAC has nice quarterbacks too.
Tell me where I'm egregiously erroneous. Gracias, muchachos