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Open Letter to Black Coaches and Administrators organization

The Black Coaches and Administrators released their annual Hiring Report Card for NCAA FBS and FCS Head Coaching Positions. Texas A&M received an F grade for hiring African-American head coach Kevin Sumlin.

Scott Halleran

Dear Black Coaches and Administrators organization,

Your organization's mission is "Striving for Sustained Positive Change" but you have failed in your mission much more so than Texas A&M failed in its coaching search. As you are aware, Texas A&M hired Kevin Sumlin, an African-American candidate, because of his outstanding credentials and his fit with Texas A&M University. If you would like to verify that Texas A&M did indeed hire Kevin Sumlin, please see the front page of your report because you are using his image there. Also see page 11 where his name is listed first in the table "Listing of Coaches of Color Head Football Coaches hired for the 2012 season."

Texas A&M University was awarded an automatic F because the university did not participate in your study. Texas A&M hired a black head coach and actions speak louder than surveys. Texas A&M should have been awarded an automatic A. It appears that your mission is actually to control the hiring process and be acknowledged. The automatic F is an indication that your organization is more important than actual results.

Your grading criteria are Communication, Hiring/Search Committee, Candidates Interviewed, and Reasonable Time. The communication grade is determined based on the number of phone calls with your organization. Even if Texas A&M receives an F in this category because the university refuses to be bullied by outside organizations, surely they score better in the other 3 categories. Or you could just give them that automatic A or give them no grade. Both are more reasonable alternatives.

Please forward my congrats to Ole Miss and Coach Freeze for receiving an A.


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