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Good Bull Mailbag - Championship Week Edition

Nothing but championship games to watch this week. Tune in to the show tonight and call in your thoughts on Aggie sports.

Scott Halleran

Wait a second, that's it? That was 12 games already? The 2012 Aggie Football season went by entirely too fast. And Holy Johnny Football have you seen Stew's latest work? Tonight we will take a look back at the season and discuss which players really turned some heads and made a name for themselves. With a Cotton Bowl date seeming like the sure thing now, we'll break down the possible opponents (come on now, you know who it's going to be) and talk about the outcomes. Oh yeah, there's that one Heisman thing we need to talk about. Don't worry, I've got the one argument to solve the debate and I'll talk about it on the air tonight. We've also got some hoops talk to get to as it looks like a few guys have started to turn the corner for Coach Kennedy and crew.

Speaking of Heisman stuff, Rob the Original will be joining us on the show tonight. Rob is the artist behind the masterpiece that is the Johnny Football haircut. Rob works as an artist/barber in San Antonio after moving to Texas from California. It's going to be awesome to talk to Rob and hear what went on leading up to the design of the haircut.

Aggie fans are little wound up right now and we know you have thoughts and opinions on the Heisman race, recruiting, and our potential bowl match ups, so call us up tonight and talk with us. We will have plenty of time to take your calls tonight so call us up live at 347-237-4898. The show goes live tonight at 8PM Central. You can listen live at Leave us your comments below and let us know what you want us to talk about.

Comment below. Tune in tonight. BTHO Manti Te'o.