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2012 Prediction Game (Game 9): Mississippi State

Mississippi, Mush, and Mishmash: Make Your Momentous ... Guess The "State" Version: Do you guess good? Wanna prove it? Play the SpreadsheetAg Prediction Game below...

Last week's winner was MCT08 who just missed the final score of Texas A&M 63 - Auburn 21 with his/her prediction of 62 - 13. The tie breaker answer to "How many 3rd downs will Auburn convert was?" was two (2); 2 of 10 to be exact.

I didn’t get a chance to really watch the game versus Auburn because I was purchasing a new (used) vehicle – where the smart money is; Certified Pre-Owned. Once that was done, I listened to Dave South on the way to a Halloween Party in Pearland, TX. When I got there, dressed as Colonel Sanders (my wife was a chicken), we were already up 42-7 so I decided to join the beer pong fun in the garage instead (did you know they make orange Busch Beer cans?). I could always watch the Fox Sports No-Huddle recap of the game from my DVR this week, right? NOPE! I got to watch about 80% of it, because fox pushed their programming back by 10-15 minutes on Sunday, so it cut off the last quarter of the game. Darn.

On to this week's game versus the cupcake-munching "monsters" from the mighty Mississipp’...

Here is this week's prediction form:


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You may view the Summary of this week's responses here:

Weekly Prediction Summary

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NOTE: Like last year, I will delete the obviously fake erroneous predictions (1 to 0, 1,000,000 to 999,999, etc) and will filter out the idiots who try to be funny with their fake usernames (YourMomma, AggiesSuck, etc). It won't work, just save me a little time and don't click the link if you are going to be an a-hole...