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Q&A with Mississippi State Bloggers

We took away the cowbell and sat down with Metal Building Dawg from Mississippi State's CLANGtastic SB Nation blog For Whom the Cowbell Tolls.

Butch Dill

It seems like Mississippi State has really jumped on the Twitter bandwagon with the hash tags in the endzone, the #WEBELIEVE stuff, etc. Good marketing or going overboard?

I thought putting #HailState in the endzone for the Egg Bowl last year was cool. Beyond that I could do without, I'd rather go back to "Bulldogs" or something...but I don't really care. MSU fans did everything in their power to encourage the players with #WeBelieve, but it obviously didn't work too well. Maybe A&M will have better luck in Tuscaloosa, but I doubt it.

I'll try to ask this in the language of your people: CLANGA CLANGARANG, CLANGCLANG CLANGA CLANGARANG?

I get really happy when folks are annoyed by the cowbells, it means we are winning.

What do you think Mississippi State has to do to win this week?

Hold A&M to under 150 rushing yards and force Manziel into a couple of turnovers, or just make A&M punt more than 3 times.

Are there any matchups that really favor you guys? How about matchups that worry you?

I don't really see any areas where I think either team will have a distinct advantage. Usually we say our cornerbacks have the advantage over any team, and they proved they are elite vs. Tennessee's wideouts, however, I think we will play off the line of scrimmage and allow A&M to move the ball, waiting for Manziel to possibly make a mistake. If not, they will just bow up and try to force a FG. I haven't seen anything from A&M's defense that could be a continual cause for concern. I think both offenses will do well, and the defenses will just need to pick their spots to be aggressive.

Were you at "Snowbowl 2000"? If we told you then that you guys would still be really excited about that Independence Bowl win in 2012, would you get really sad?

No. MSU is not still excited about winning the Independence Bowl. The reason for honoring that game is because of the snow, the uniqueness of it combined with the fact that it was a great game and MSU won. It was a great game in and of itself, it is not a marquee event in the history of MSU football.

Have you ever made it with a Majorette?

We have cheerleaders and pom pom girls. You know, beautiful women in skimpy outfits, not girls with a baton dressed in sequins and pantyhose.

How big is your cowbell?

It's long and distinguished, but so is my johnson.

No seriously, what is the deal with Fred Smoot and the Love Boat? Does he have any good Starkville stories?

None that I am aware. He likes to talk trash, called it "Smoot Smack".

What is the feeling among the fans on Dan Mullen sticking around Starkville for the long haul?

Good, he is getting paid $2.5 mil a year and we can pay more. Everyone thinks Starkville sucks so we can't keep a coach. Well, keep on thinking that.

Has your perception of A&M changed at all since we joined the SEC? How so?

It hasn't. I think A&M will benefit greatly from being in the SEC and has the potential to be the next Georgia or even LSU. I am looking forward to seeing State play in College Station next year...should be fun.

What is your score prediction for the game?

38-34, State.