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Good Bull BlogPoll - Week 12

Madness everywhere. Let's sift through the wreckage, shall we?


Look at all those green bumps at the top of the poll. Saturday confirmed, yet again, that this is the best sport on earth. My thoughts:

  • Kansas State and Oregon tumble. I'm probably being too harsh on Oregon (my No. 1 team for weeks), but K-State earned their slot. Klein is hurt, which is unfortunate, but Saturday night showed the cracks in a very weak Big 12.
  • The Ohio State Buckeyes are kind of filler for me. I don't know how to slot them. They're football zombies. Really good football zombies.
  • Not much is changing in the bottom half of the poll. Huge congrats to Mike Gundy. That man is building something out of a beaten and battered football squad. That man is showing his football chops in spades.
  • I love the MAC.
Give me your thoughts. A playoff can't come soon enough. Gig 'em.