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Monday Links

9-2 with a bulls eye on our Achilles's heel - Mizzou.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Friend of the program, @TAMUHighlights, doing his requisite yeoman's work.

There is crazy ex-girlfriend and there is sad. Big thanks to our buddy Jason Kirk.

Our quarterback doesn't talk. He drops microphones. Randy Harvey on Johnny.

I thought the Washington Post wrote about stocks and bonds and filibusters. Here they talk Ags and that team we don't play anymore.

History is being made. Enjoy it.

These are links, so it's probably prudent to educate you on how sausage is made. Tasty, wonderful cased meats.

Our man, Thacktor, has his birthday today. He usually churns out the great links for you. Follow the man and give him a nice birthday wish.