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By the Numbers: SHSU

Get the digits like Kliff at ladies' night.

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Interceptions. Donnie Baggs got on the stat sheet with a nice pick in the second quarter feeding frenzy. As one of the very few guys who rotates into the front seven regularly, this is good to see.


DAT QUARTER. After a sluggish start, we finally came to life in the second, scoring four touchdowns in about nine minutes. The collective sigh of relief coming out of Kyle was pretty much audible in several Texas cities. Also the number of teams in the top 2 that lost last night. We were knocking off #1 before it was fashionable, folks. Now everyone's copied us and Bama is back in the title hunt. [/groan]


Passing TDs for Johnny. He had 267 passing yards to go with it along with another 100 yard rushing game and 2 TDs. How did the Kansas State Heisman guy do?


Catches by EZ, for a 40-yard average, including the 89-yard bomb to start the second half. EZ also had a key first down on our first drive. Good to see him step up again, and looking forward to more big catches next week against Mizzou.


Tackles for loss by the Ags. We didn't manage to get a sack, but the defense was still in the backfield a few times.


Catches by Evans, with a pair of touchdowns. Mike and Johnny seemed to be back on the same page again, especially in the red zone. He managed to double his TD output on the year in the first half. I don't think we'll get tired of this combination anytime soon.


Tackles by Steven Terrell. He seemed to be all over the field in the first half. He also had a pair of pass breakups.


Third down conversions allowed. Out of 20 attempts. Considering we didn't really compete in the second half, this is not a terrible number.


Yards lost to the one sack we gave up. Johnny got chased around and sacked early on the way to making it a very uncomfortable first quarter. We had to punt right afterward.


Total time we had with possession of the ball in the second half. As in less than four minutes total out of thirty. I knew we'd mailed it in, but I was still startled at this number.


Point differential between leading Heisman candidate Collin Klein's #1 Wildcats and the Baylor Bears. WUUUTTTT?


Record set by Johnny: first FBS freshman to ever reach 3,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards at the same time. He's only the fifth player to ever do it. Give this man a pen, because he's rewriting everything.


Extra point attempt ratio by Johnny. I really don't see this as an insult to SHSU as those who gave feedback during the game did. Bertolet had already missed one on the day (and several on the season), and Manziel almost pushed it through. It's not like this game was on a national stage.