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Good Bull Podcast Episode 41 - Aggies Crash the Party

In case you've been dead since last Friday, the Aggies beat Alabama on the road last weekend. That gives us plenty of opportunities to talk about things we never thought were possible this season. Heismans? BCS Bowls? My goodness, this is fun, Ags.

Mike Zarrilli

Even the most optimistic of Aggies fans didn't predict the Aggies would be where they are now at this point in the season. A huge win over Alabama on the road just might have changed this program for decades to come. Would you rather have a BCS bowl win or a Johnny Football Heisman? We talked about a possible Texas A&M/Notre Dame BCS bowl matchup (yes please). So much to talk about in so little time. Listen to this show and catch up on all your Aggies sports news. Big thanks to our Mailbag comment crew and folks that called in to the show last night.

Click Play. Enjoy. Comment. Tune in next week.

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