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Good Bull Mailbag - SHSU Week

It kind of feels like a bye week, so we'll focus on the Alabama game, the future of this Aggie football program, and of course, Johnny Heisman. We hope to have a lot of callers on the show tonight because, yeah, it's SHSU week.

Mike Zarrilli

The Aggies are ranked 8th in the BCS. Johnny Manziel is considering a legal name change to Johnny Heisman. There is a very likely chance that the Aggies might be making a trip to the Fiesta Bowl (yeah, a BCS bowl game). You would have said we were we retarded if we predicted all of these things prior to the season starting. Nonetheless, here we are, and it is all so beautiful.

So we look ahead to the game this weekend against Sam Houston State University. Damn, it's starting to set in that we only have two more weeks of the regular season left. Anyways, back to SHSU. I think it goes without saying that we will be spending more time talking about the game against Alabama than the game against SHSU. We want to get as many callers as we can on to the show this week, so don't hesitate to call in. Give us your thoughts on possible bowl matchups, the Johnny Heisman campaign (or lack thereof), and anything else surrounding Aggie Athletics.

We go live on the air tonight at 8PM Central. As always, leave comments below about what you want us to throw into the conversation and talk about. You can call us live on the air at 347-237-4898. Make sure you tune in live and listen at or here. If you missed last week's show, we've got you covered. We're also up on iTunes, so you can be a good Aggie and subscribe to our shows for free there.

Comment now. Call in to the show tonight. Thanks and Gig 'em.