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Thomas Johnson found and safe, says Texas A&M spokesman

Texas A&M wide receiver Thomas Johnson has been found safe, according to a university spokesman.

Mike Zarrilli

Texas A&M wide receiver Thomas Johnson, last seen on campus on Monday evening, has been found overnight, according to a university spokesman:

Johnson had been last seen leaving his residence in College Station at 5:00 p.m. local time on Monday. Family and teammates alike expressed concern over the past few days as to the young man's whereabouts, and there was some speculation Johnson may have returned to his home of Dallas.

The Aggies last played on Saturday, upsetting the Alabama Crimson Tide, 29-24. Johnson caught three passes in the game for 22 yards. The team was given Sunday off, and when practice resumed Monday Johnson was not on the field.

Johnson, a freshman receiver for Texas A&M, was recruited out of Skyline High School in Dallas after originally committing to the Texas Longhorns. The wideout has caught 30 balls for 339 yards and once touchdown this season.

The school has yet to release more details.

This post first appeared on SB Nation.