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Links Because It's Monday

A smattering of links for you to enjoy this fine Monday after beating Alabama.

Mike Zarrilli

@tamuhighlights Killed it this week. Watch this and you won't need coffee today. Unless you're a Bama fan. If you're a Bama fan, I'd recommend just watching NC highlights. You'll get over it.

Texas A&M Creating New SEC Landscape: Nothing witty here: "Let's look at them moving forward. This is becoming the "it" program in the country. They will have the sport's biggest star at quarterback. They have a charismatic coach, who happens to be African-American. They have enough talent in their backyard to compete for a BCS Title every year. Sumlin is no longer selling playing in the SEC. He's selling trying to win it. The complexion of a college job changes depending on the occupant."

Here is your Heisman moment

Coach, do you think you're ready for this? I'm so glad Sumlin didn't tow the "we're just lucky to be here" line. If he had, he wouldn't be the right man for the job. We found our coach, Ags. He's freaking awesome and deserves all the praise you are able to bestow upon him. Hell of a turnaround and we're lucky to have KDS and his staff here at A&M. Gig 'em.

A&M Will Be Devoured in the SEC: I'm so glad we didn't make that move. It would have been so stupid of little Aggie to get involved in "big boy football." Whew. We sure dodged a bullet. I can't resist posting these, especially today. Oh, then there's this one. If you're wondering, yes I took a petty mental note when I saw this response to my article because I knew it sealed it. Sorry, Richie. I implore you to stay strong in these predictions because they're working.

STUPID AGGY RUINED THE SEC BAHAHAHAHA! Not so fast. Let's let this whole thing play out, shall we? Additionally, you know we should have lost. Yeah. That's what we should have done. Do what's best for the conference, right Big 12? OK, well BU and UT should go out there and intentionally drop one to K-State.

Just for fun: Texas Rankings.

There are more links out there, feel free to post them in the comments.

Aggies, we won on Saturday. Enjoy it. Here's the most fun part: we're just getting started.