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Alabama: by the Numbers

OK, there's #1, then there's what we did to them.

Mike Zarrilli


Interceptions by Sean Porter. I lamented last week when he had the ball hit him in the chest. This week, Mark Snyder called a great play were the safeties squeezed down on the receivers and the linebackers dropped back, and the man who was in the right place at the right time was none other than Porter. This led to us building a solid two-TD lead early in the game.


Rushing TDs by C-Mike. He was not our featured back, but he was in when we needed to deliver the business, and he did an excellent job. He scored half our touchdowns on the road against the #1 team in the country. Solid performance.


Punt returns by Dustin Harris, with a 10-yard average. This was very important and may go overlooked, but he gave us some great field position early when Alabama was doing max protect on their punts for some reason. Great job by Dustin to get us 30 extra yards of field position in a key game.


Punts by Alabama. For a 55 yard average. That we were able to get back ten yards on three of those was huge. This was an aspect of their game that went overlooked, and we kept up with them.


YPC by Johnny (roughly). He had 18 totes for 92 yards, which puts him over 1,000 for the year. Throw in another 250+ yards passing and 2 TDs and you have to be Mark May speaking on the Longhorn Network to not include him in the Heisman discussion at this point.


Spots we jump in the next couple weeks? This is purely optimistic, but I'll defer to ColoradoAg here. I only bring it up because we won on the road against #1 and can very well win out, going 10-2 {don't jinx it don't jinx it don't jinx it}. Anyway, I can see a 10-2 A&M team at around #9 or so, assuming we beat Missouri. We really need to beat those guys.


Number of third down conversions given up to Alabama. Out of 15. It's well below our average for the past couple weeks, but it's still below 50% against the #1 team in the country. WELL DONE, DEFENSE.


Wins so far this year. With games against SHSU and Missouri left.

/cracks knuckles



Longest rush by T.J. Yeldon. He averaged 2.9 YPC. An Alabama fan told us on this very website that he was the best freshman in college football and would outshine Johnny Football. I think this just proves ColoradoAg's theory that Alabama fans don't really watch teams other than their own. Sorry.


Guys on the defensive side with more than one tackle on the stat sheet. We only had 13 total on the defensive stat sheet, which says a lot about how hard they play and how thin we are. In this case it's a huge tribute to their workmanship. Snyder knew which guys he was going to count on, and they got the job done. One more sack for Moore, by the way.


Catches by Swope. For 111 yards and one touchdown. Quietly finishing the year up on a really strong note.