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Gameday Thread: Discuss #14 Texas A&M at #1 Alabama and today's other games

The game is finally here. ICY WHITES. JOHNNY FOOTBALL. LOUD NOISES.That's right: the team is wearing all-white uniforms with the striped sleeves. This look is much more closely connected with the mid-70s teams who did so well.

The hype was endless this week, and now Johnny Football and the Aggies have a chance to shock - or at least strongly surprise - the world. Follow the action here and don't be afraid to dip your toe into commenting. It doesn't hurt, we promise, and in the end it's a lot of fun.

Yes, we are wearing all-white uniforms. For one thing, they look quite a bit different from the ones we wore against Arkansas and Oklahoma a few years ago, when we got drilled on the field. These have the vertical stripes and numbers on the sleeves, and they also still feature the gray facemasks. They will also feature maroon socks. It will be almost like a flip of last week's all-black look in Starkville, and look how that turned out, superstitious guys.

There has been much grousing in past years about the all-white look. Well, this is a new team, under a new coach, with a completely different mentality in an entirely new conference, the best in the nation. Share your thoughts on the ICY WHITES along with what you think about the game as it happens in the comments below.

This thread is ultimately about the game, so if you don't really care about the uniforms in one way or another, please share your thoughts on the football anyway. That's really what counts in the long run. Not uniforms.