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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 6 Ballot

The bottom fell out on a whole host of top teams and I have a new No. 1. COCKY INDEED!

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Here are my thoughts after another boozed-soaked weekend of football erotica:

  • The Gamecocks get credit for showing up in a huge way in one the biggest games in program history. Can you believe a Spurrier-led team only threw the ball 10 times in a game? South Carolina was mean and stingy in the trenches on both sides of the football. The offense took care of the ball, and established a nice ground game. The defense? Well, the defense completely rattled Aaron Murray and limited him to 3.5 yards per passing attempt. They also slowed down the dynamic Dawg duo at running back to a scant 78 total yards. Impressive stuff. The pressure only ratchets up for Carolina in the next coming weeks, but for now, Gamecocks, you're the No. 1 team in the prestigious Good Bull Hunting BlogPoll.
  • Florida gets a nice bump after yet another superb second half showing, this time against the offensively-challenged LSU Tigers. Mike Gillislee is that special back that just grinds down an opponent's defense in methodical fashion. Also, that Gator D is elite. They blanket people in the back seven, and lock down running lanes up front. SEC East is getting some of their old magic back.
  • Ohio State is the only team worth a damn in the Big 10, and it looks as though Urban Ball is hitting its obsessive, family-loathing rhythm. 371 yards on the ground against Nebraska? Not shabby, Sloopy. I'm already gritting my teeth at the thought of an undefeated tOSU being locked out of the BCS and having to listen to their fans surmise that they'd kick [insert SEC team]'s ass. No. You wouldn't.
  • If you're a reader of my yeoman's work of humility and sports, you know I've been bullish on the Beavers all year. It's all coming to be as I prophesied! [SCARY UPDATE]: after I filled out my BlogPoll, Coach Riley announced QB Sean Mannion is getting knee surgery and out indefinitely!
  • Do I have Georgia ranked too high? That team is just loaded with talent. Hard to see where this goes from here. Also, bang up job by the folks that egged and rolled players' houses after the loss. That sends a great message to recruits.
  • Florida State continues to be Florida State and completely underwhelm. 16 points in Raleigh? GTFO of my Top 10 and out of my heart, Noles.
  • I ranked LA Tech last week. They play offense from what I'm told. Defense? Well, no.
Please give me your musings in the comments. If they're good enough and show coherent thoughts supported by logic, I'll make adjustments and credit you rightly.