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Monday Links

These are the links that I've found about A&M today. Enjoy them.

Stacy Revere - Getty Images

I'd like to kick this entry off by thanking Derek for stepping up to the plate and selflessly posting some links last week while kicking me in the nuts the whole time. I won't even bitch about not getting credit for being on the Around Aggieland that's posted up. That's likely because I was a horrible guest, as I usually am. Can't help it, I like to sidetrack hosts.

Here are your highlights, supplied graciously by @tamuhighlights. Keep up the good work:

After watching that, you likely feel like celebrating. Holy crap was that fun to watch. I think I contributed 10 views to that view count. Watch Sumlin just go nuts and how the players respond to him. I love this man. Call me?

But you know, I learned something today: ESPN tells us 5 things that we learned this week in the SEC. Mizzou was writing checks their players couldn't cash while A&M is exceeding expectations. I will not give in to my BAS. I will not give in to my BAS. I hear that the cure is a constant dosage of watching locker room celebrations that feature Spencer Neely breaking it down.

Ranked: We like our polls shaken, not stirred. This week's poll features quite a few new entries, including our ombrophobic foes this coming weekend, La Tech, who enter at #23.

Damonster's Story: There's a lot of greatness in this article by Kristie Rieken on Damontre' Moore, but one quote stands out, "The intricate tapestry of tattoos covering the top of both of his thick, muscular arms and defined chest tell the story of his life." So, be honest with us. Did you get her number, Damontre'? You obviously left an impression, sir. High fives all around.

Johnny Fourth Quarter Heroics Animal Loving Football: Here's your game recap from ESPN that you likely read on Sunday morning. You know what, that's fine. Read it again, I just collect 'em.

A Link to EDSBS that will link you to Sports Illustrated: Spencer Hall has alerted me to my new goal: I will get a tweet on Laff Riot this year. It has to be good because they spelled "Laugh" wrong. They don't take themselves seriously! I LOVE IT!

Awesome Chive Link of the Day: I have no objections to #6, do you? If you have an alternative argument, please post it in the comments. It's for research. Yeah.

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