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Bulldogs, Bravado, and BS: Bravely Brandish Thy Ballyhoo

Do you think you know what the score to this week's Texas A&M football game will be? Enter it into the official ledger in SpreadsheetAg's Prediction Game


Last week's winner was TomcatAg who nailed the final score of Texas A&M 30, Ole Miss 27 and did not even need the tie-breaker to win it (his answer to "How many points will the Aggies score in the 2nd Quarter" was: "Not Enough!" haha).

Who knew that a team could have a -4 turnover margin and still win a game on the road in the SEC? Well, I had a wink of hope when Mike Evans caught that pass on 3rd and 20 from the A&M 1 yardline. Then Malena blew by the Ole Miss defense for 36 yards, and Manziel zigzagged by the awestruck Ole Miss DB on the sideline for the touchdown.

When Freeze went for it on 4th down and ½-inch and was stuffed for a half yard loss; I rejoiced, verily, I rejoiced… and scared the crap out of my dog who slunk off to her corner and remained there, out of earshot.

On to this week's game versus the Crusher of Cupcakes: Louisiana Tech...

Here is this week's prediction form:


You may view the Summary of this week's responses here:

Weekly Prediction Summary

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NOTE: Like last year, I will delete the obviously fake erroneous predictions (1 to 0, 1,000,000 to 999,999, etc) and will filter out the idiots who try to be funny with their fake usernames (YourMomma, AggiesSuck, etc). It won't work, just save me a little time and don't click the link if you are going to be an a-hole...

Bulldog's Versus any opponent they've played up to now: