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Texas A&M Does the Unthinkable, Wins Game in 4th Quarter Comeback

WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED. I'm still in disbelief. Texas A&M had all the makings of another unexpected collapse in their first SEC road game. Then something happened. Something we haven't seen in years. Texas A&M came back from a 10 point deficit to win the game. Let's try as best we can to recap.

Stacy Revere - Getty Images

MIKE EVANS SPURS COMEBACK -- This was the play of the game. Period. After Johnny Manziel tried to do his best Tony Romo impression around the goal line by flipping the ball before going down almost resulting in a safety, the Aggies faced an improbable 3rd down and 19 yards to go. When no other wide receiver decided to step up all game long, Mike Evans did. In single coverage, Evans caught the ball over an Ole Miss defender in a Jeff Fuller-esque fashion for a 32 yard gain. After that, a Ben Malena 36 yard gain on the next play and a Manziel 29 yard scramble after that gave Texas A&M life in the ball game, and that is all they would need.

HUGH FREEZE WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? -- After the previously mentioned Manziel scramble, the deficit was tightened to a 27-23 Ole Miss lead. On the next procession, Ole Miss faced a 4th down and literally an inch while trying to run down the clock with just over three minutes left in the game (thanks for those generous spots you were giving all night to Ole Miss, side judge). Instead of doing the smart thing and QB sneaking it from under center for a sure first down, Hugh Freeze decides to put Bo Wallace in a shotgun formation and run that ball that was stuffed by Sean Porter and Howard Matthews. REALLY? I MEAN, REALLY? REALLY? Whatever man. Those are the type of reasons why Ole Miss hasn't won an SEC game since 2010. What's the matter Freeze? Were you watching Kliff Kingsbury call boneheaded short yardage plays and were too tempted to do it too? Great stand by the defense when they needed it but stupid play calling by Ole Miss.

JOHNNY FOOTBALL THROWS BALL DOWN FIELD -- With everything on the line, Johnny Football once again stepped up and made a great play to win the game. On a third down and three from the Ole Miss 20, the Rebels showed a blitz and left the receivers one on one in coverage with no help over the top. And Manziel pretended to be a real quarterback for just one play. Feeling the blitz, he threw the ball down the field (finally) to Ryan Swope over his shoulder for the game winning TD. Credit the young man. Maybe this is just a sick game and Johnny trolled us all game long. Because when he had to make a play -- the 3rd down and 19 to Evans out of our endzone and this 3rd and short facing an all out blitz -- he converts. If Manziel sold his soul to the devil for those kind of plays, well, THANK YOU.

THEY ARE THROWING THE SLANT HERE -- All game long the Texas A&M secondary showed soft coverage on the Ole Miss receivers getting picked apart by slants and short curls past the sticks. So, clinging to a three point lead with under two minutes to go, you would expect Bo Wallace to drive his offense like a hot knife through butter. And they came close to doing that. But, Tony Hurd Jr finally decided to jump in front of one of those slants, and....




OUT COACHED, OUT PLAYED, BUT WHO CARES -- Up until tonight, I thought our coaching staff had done a fantastic job. But tonight, both Kingsbury and Snyder coached horrible games. Bad play calls. Not making adjustments. And their players didn't play inspired for 55 minutes either. We had 6 turnovers in this game. 6! That's an automatic L. And don't get me started on the seniors. They had some of the worst play all around. Ryan Swope dropping passes and fumbling one of two of his big plays. Dustin Harris fumbling a punt by looking at the coverage before catching the ball. EZ running backwards on screens. Jonathan Stewart committing late hits out of bounds. But whatever. We won bro. Who cares.