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THAT GUY: Ole Miss Edition.

Each week we discuss a player from the other team to keep an eye on. This week is a special case. Hint: it's #38.

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This one will be succinct. That Guy this week is DE Jason Jones. The stats don’t matter, nor the position or anything else; only the story and the jersey. Whenever I watch Ole Miss, I always look for #38. Have done so ever since I learned about the story of Chucky Mullins and the award associated with it years ago.

Chucky Mullins was a popular defensive back on the 1989 Ole Miss team. He suffered an injury against Vanderbilt that year and was paralyzed. After five months in the hospital, he returned to Ole Miss to finish his degree and was an inspiration to the team and the entire university until his death in 1991 from complications related to the injury. Since 1990, Ole Miss has awarded his jersey number to upperclassmen defensive players who show similar courage. Past recipients of the award include NFL regulars Jamarca Sanford and Patrick Willis.

This is one of the great traditions in college football, and if you’re unfamiliar with it, please take some time to look into it. (Warning: it may get dusty in your location.) Links/video below:

The 2012 announcement:

Ole Miss Video from this year:

ESPN story on Mullins and Brad Gaines, the other player involved:

Gig ‘em, Jason. Good job.