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Rebel-Bears, Rubbish, and Rigmarole: Relay Your Righteous Reckoning

Do you think you know what the score to this week's Texas A&M football game will be? Enter it into the official ledger in SpreadsheetAg's Prediction Game

Last week's winner was Jayday22 who nearly nailed the final score of Texas A&M 58, Arkansas 10 with his or her prediction of 59-10. Not many people thought A&M would put up so many points, nor give away so few!

On to this week's game versus the sputtering Rebel Bears of Ole Miss...

Here is this week's prediction form:

Texas A&M vs Ole Miss

You may view the Summary of this week's responses here:

Weekly Prediction Summary

Results from previous weeks:

Game 1: TAMU v UF | Game 2: TAMU v SMU | Game 3: TAMU v SCSU | Game 4: TAMU v ARK

NOTE: Like last year, I will delete the obviously fake erroneous predictions (1 to 0, 1,000,000 to 999,999, etc) and will filter out the idiots who try to be funny with their fake usernames (YourMomma, AggiesSuck, etc). It won't work, just save me a little time and don't click the link if you are going to be an a-hole...