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Some Links For Your Enjoyment

Here are some links related to the Fightin Texas Aggies with some commentary thrown in.


I can't say this enough - It doesn't get old watching a blowout. It really doesn't. I'm sorry, Auburn, but that was fun as hell on this end. That being said:

Auburn Fan Site Likes Aggie Fans - "Let's hope that as time goes on, others in the SEC take a lesson from the Texas A&M fans." There, Yell Leaders. Your lecture seems to have worked.

The SEO Guy at The Brownsville Herald Needs A Promotion - Every time I do this, I start with a quick Google News search for "Texas A&M Football." Every week the paper from my place of birth tops the search results. There is no reason for the Brownsville Herald to top any search of Texas A&M Football, but here we are. Nice write up, too. Kudos.

Another Post-Game Write Up...From The Huffington Post? - It's good, Jeffrey. And through.

Sumlin, Get Your Ess Together on the Coin Toss - Aaaaaand this is what my hometown paper decides to report on. The fact that we've only won a single coin toss this year. Man, we ought to start our coaching search now. If Summy doesn't start watching more coin toss film and making the correct adjustment...I can't even joke about this bullsh.

Sirr Parker is a Good Man - I don't need to remind you all who this man is, but he's doing great work back in his home town with at-risk youth. Gig em, Sirr.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls - Here's the direct link to all of the coverage for this upcoming matchup against Miss. State from their SB Nation site. They do solid work over there. Now, go gather intel on the opponent. I'll catch you guys on Wednesday for the Tailgate!