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Auburn: By the Numbers

Numbers....numbers everywhere! We run some more numbers on the Auburn point festival.

Sarah Glenn

Zero. Number of missed extra points by Taylor Bertolet, and he had a very busy night. It was good to see him get his focus back. Also the number of turnovers by the offense. This was even better to see. Johnny's confidence has got to be soaring right now. Like an eagle. WAR DAMN FOOTBALL, Y'ALL!

One. Number of hundred yard rushing games for Trey Williams. Great to see him finally get into a rhythm toting the rock. This seems like a really good kid and this will surely be only the first of many times he cracks the century mark.

Two. TDs by Swope. Mr. SEC hair has quietly come on strong and is now the team leader in TD receptions and second in yardage. Here's to a solid finish down the stretch from Swope.

Three. More rushing TDs by Johnny Touchdowns. That's 13 on the year with five more games left to go. /gets popcorn

Four. Toney Hurd, Jr. Hurd had another solid game with five tackles. He's been a very reliable tackler in the secondary for us this year. Great job, #4.

Five. Sacks by the defense. By five different players (including Moore, of course). Mark Snyder has our front seven playing better than I would have thought at the beginning of the year.

Six. Penalties by Auburn. We only had three. It was a pretty clean game for the most part. It also helps when you're just running out the clock after the second quarter. Also the number of touchdowns we scored in the first half.

Seven. Average yards per rush. You wanted to see us run the ball? Well, we ran the ball. 48 rushing plays to 33 pass plays, and four different players scored on the ground.

Eight. Extra points by Bertolet. The ninth was made by Josh Lambo. Yes, we rested our kicker.

Nine. Carries by Johnny (for a 10 ypc average). Kingsbury seemed like he was spreading the ball to all the running backs moreso than earlier in the season. It's good to see. Also, number of touchdowns, obvz.

20%. Auburns third down conversion rate. 2/10. Very encouraging.

671. Total offense. Zounds!

Now, I know it was Auburn and that they are having a horrifying year. No offensive identity and surely a lame duck coach. But after the tough loss at home to LSU it was really encouraging to see the team get serious and take care of business at night on the road in a conference game. We should have manhandled them, and we did. Sumlin has this team feeling confident heading down the stretch. Starkville next week will be much more challenging than Auburn, but win that one and it sets up a great matchup in Tuscaloosa the week after.