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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 9 Ballot

Only six teams remain unscathed. It would be pretty deluxe if that whole playoff thing was offered this year, yes? Dive into an egregiously subjective list of college football teams and numbers with me.

Scott Cunningham

Hot Sports Takes:

  • I have not watched much of the Texas Longhorns this year. I watched Saturday. I will not be ranking this team for the remainder of the year unless they win out which they most certainly will not. That is a soft, entitled, lost football team in too many key areas. Don't worry, the coaches' SIDs still managed to slot the Horns at 22 this week after a miracle comeback against a team that hasn't beat a BCS program in its last 18 tries.
  • The writers have Louisville at 12 and the coaches have them at 10. I'm not buying yet. My conscience won't allow me to over-reward a team for eeking by average and below-average teams all season.
  • Later Rutgers. I told you that you had no business being ranked as highly as you were. You got beat up pretty bad by Kent State at home. Take your organized crime elsewhere.
  • Speaking of recent brand power that glosses over a shoddy resume - hello, Boise State. The coaches/SIDs have the Broncos at 14 which is wildly lazy.
  • There aren't many other huge changes at the top. Some new faces emerge at the bottom. November 3rd is the aforementioned demolition derby we've all been awaiting.
Tell me where I'm wrong. Gig 'em, gang.