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The Night of the Walking Dead Tiger Coaching Staff -- Aggies trick Auburn, Give Us A Treat

Here is my game review from the horror film that played out on The Plains tonight -- LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


What, you thought that was it? Let's try and get something out of this instant reaction. But let's be quick about it. There are girls in Halloween costumes at your local drinking establishments.

AGGIES CAME TO PLAY WITH DIRTY THOUGHTS ON THEIR MINDS -- Leading up to this week, I cautioned that this game could be set up against Texas A&M, a "trap" game if you will. Auburn was coming off an embarrassing defeat at Vanderbilt the week before, playing at home at night with their students rallying around the team this past week. Meanwhile, the Aggies were coming off a tough loss both physically and mentally at the hands of LSU at Kyle Field. I half expected Texas A&M to be a little slow to start off this game.

Boy, was I wrong once again.

These boys, just like every single weekend, came to play. That has to be the most encouraging thing to take away from the entire season -- the effort displayed by Texas A&M every single Saturday. In the first year with a head coach, that is what you want to see. Yes, we have come up short against Florida and LSU, and had some missteps against Ole Miss and Louisiana Tech on the road that almost cost us. But the Aggies have been well-prepared for every game, come out playing on fire, and given us a chance to win every single game. There is nothing more you can ask. That is a sign of a well-coached team. The SEC and the rest of the country better be watching what is going on in Aggieland. It will be a national story in due time.

KLIFF KINGSBURY IS GENE CHIZIK'S FREDDY KRUEGER -- After the Tiger defensive coaching staff leaves the stadium tonight, they will be looking over their shoulder for the monster that is Kliff Kingsbury. Statistically, this was the worst Auburn defensive performance in their history totaling 672 total yards. Let me repeat that -- WORST IN THEIR PROGRAM HISTORY. Auburn gave up 63 points on the night -- the second most to only Georgia Tech in 1917 when freaking John Heisman was coaching. I have been pretty critical of Kingsbury and his offensive play calling, but he put his doubters to rest tonight. He mixed the pass with the run perfectly, running power when Auburn showed the same inviting alignment LSU showed last weekend and running the draw when the Tigers were bringing a house blitz. That allowed the play action pass by Manziel to lead to a FLAWLESS VICTORY.

AUBURN OFFENSE IS HANDING OUT SACKS THIS HALLOWEEN -- If there was one gripe you can make tonight on the play of Texas A&M it would be their defense performance allowing 21 points to a Wildcat QB. But let's think here -- Auburn had to go to a true freshman wildcat QB because Mark Snyder and the defense totally shut down their regular offense on the night. It was evident early by the amount of sacks A&M racked up (5), most by blitzing linebackers. That resulted in Auburn having to pull both of their quarterbacks, scrap their gameplan, and play a type of offense Texas A&M wasn't ready for. Would you like to see a little more from the defense in that situation? Yeah, you'd hope to see them shut that down as well. But at 28-0 and then 35-7, Auburn had no chance to come back in this game, as seen by that running second half clock.

AUBURN FANS DRESSING UP AS EMPTY SEATS THIS SEASON -- The most amazing thing on the night, to me, was that Texas A&M could come into a historic and tradition filled stadium like Jordan-Hare and put on such a dominating performance that the Tiger faithful would begin leaving the stadium by half and have the entire stadium almost empty by the middle of the third quarter. That is just unheard of. A truly amazing feat when you think about a young team -- with new coaching staff and schemes -- playing their first season in the SEC.