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Episode 38 Good Bull Mailbag - A&M vs. Auburn

It's War Eagle Tiger week....War Teagle....Tiger I'm confused. Let us know what you want to hear. Tonight we have Taylor Hamm from and a yet to be named rep from our friends over at College and Magnolia to talk A&M vs. Auburn.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

A few weeks ago we had Chadd Scott on our show and he said Chizik's job was safe in Auburn. I'm guessing this wasn't the season most Auburn fans were envisioning. This week's The Tailgate is alive and well and it has definitely given us some more to talk about. We've got plenty slated for the show tonight. Taylor Hamm from will join us at 8:15 to talk recruiting. Our resident GBH hoodrat Wes (@thacktor) will join us at 8:30 to talk about, well there's no telling what we'll talk about. At 8:40 Chris from College and Magnolia will hop on the show to talk about the game this weekend and most likely weep to us. Comment below if you have questions for him and we'll ask away.

As always, leave comments below about what you want us to throw into the conversation and talk about. If you're more of an "actually be social and communicate kind of person", you can call us live on the air at 347-237-4898. Make sure you tune in live and listen at or here. If you missed last week's show, we've got you covered.

Comment now. Call in tonight. Thanks and Gig 'em.