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Monday Links

A&M Lost on Saturday. Here you can read what other people said about it.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

We had high hopes. We came out swinging. We...missed some big opportunities and turned the ball over. Ouch. Great game, Ags. Too bad we ended up on the wrong side of that one. It's going to be fun playing LSU into perpetuity, now here are your links:

Ryan Lochte Picks OJ Simpson in the Pepsi Challenge: This is without a doubt the dumbest man in the world with whom your wife or girlfriend would cheat. And she would, too.

Tough Stretch Ahead, Ags: No bye week and early TV make Thacktor something something.

Damontre' Continues to Impress: Can't fault the defense on this loss, Ags. You can if you believe in phantom pass interference calls, but I don't. The D played well, but it's hard to stop a team when you KEEP GIVING THEM THE DAMN BALL WITH GOOD FIELD POSITION! Sorry, I got angry. Woooosaaaaaaahhhhhh.

Notes From the SEC: This is from a Philly paper and I had to include it. I don't know why. I figure if anyone knows the SEC, it's people in Pennsylvania.

PHENOMENAL SEC POWER: Sitting at #7 right now, which is where everyone in the Big 12 said we'd be in year 5. Man, Ags. This was a dumb move shifting conferences. Nobody knows who we are anymore. The fact that the school is in Canada doesn't help our Texas recruiting footprint either. Ken Starr, you're just damn brilliant.

If you have links that you think I should post, tweet me. I'm @thacktor.