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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 8 Ballot

We're all waiting for the demolition derby on November 3rd when nothing in the world could be real anymore. If you've been a loyal reader of my BlogPoll, you know I've been stumping for K-State since Week 1. They continue to kick ass and take names. In fairness, I also stumped for Michigan State. Let's dig into Week 8.

Stephen Dunn

My rationalizations and homerisms:

  • K-State is just awesome, throwback football. They've gone on the road to Norman, Ames, and Morgantown and taken care of business like ol' plains settlin' folk. Bill Snyder continues his steady diet of Taco Bell and pistol whipping these young, hippie, whipper snappin' coaches. The Cats host Texas Tech at home this weekend for what has suddenly become a huge game.
  • Oregon and Alabama both showed up for their requisite demolishing of conference foes on the road and you shouldn't find fault in anyone who puts either in the top slot. Your own team's interests aside, you should be hoping for this match up in Miami on January 7th.
  • Notre Dame wins ugly, but they win. They haven't had a snoozer opponent all year and they've played some salty defenses. Saturday in Norman is going to be massive. The Irish only give up 9.4 points per game (2nd in nation) and Oklahoma scores 44.7 per game (5th in nation).
  • I have Texas A&M ranked much higher than any national poll. The Aggies' two losses are to Florida and LSU by slim margins. Not a shabby resume compared to the schools around them, but they need to beat someone they shouldn't.
  • I have Louisville and Rutgers lower than most every poll. Yes, they're undefeated, but check out their wins. Louisville's best win is... North Carolina? This is also a team that beat winless Southern Miss 21-17. And Rutgers' best win is over a beleagured Arkansas team on the road. The rest of their resume is littered with below-average offensive outputs against truly bad teams and decent defense against the same teams. Louisville and Rutgers have a damn good shot at both being 11-0 going into the final game of the season against one another and a trip to the BCS. Mark my words - one of these teams is going to get DRILLED in the Orange Bowl. College football playoff, please come soon.
Rip me apart in the comments. I love you and your musings. Oh, and I'm sticking with Oregon girls in the photos until further notice.