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LSUFreek came strong on Friday, drawing from the Lassie well and securing a 4-1 win in the final round of #GIFduel2012.


Overall Winner: cuppycup (2-1)

#teamcuppycup won <a href="" target="new">#GIFduel2012</a> 2 rounds to 1.

#teamFreek won the popular vote 8-7 (total votes received across the 3 rounds).

The fan vote was divided, as expected, among the Texas A&M and LSU fanbases. On Good Bull Hunting, cuppycup received 11,369 votes (61%) to LSUFreek's 7,331 (39%). On And the Valley Shook, LSUFreek took 3,291 votes (63%) to cuppycup's 1,952 (37%).

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Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

Round 3 Winner: LSUFreek (4-1)

If you missed Round Three, click here. You can still buy your #teamcuppycup or #teamFreek t-shirts here.

Decisions and rationale


My initial instinct was that Cuppy would be pretty impossible to top. But LSUFreek was on top of his game as well. The third was too close to call but Reveille leaving a man to die is always A++ would watch again material in my book. Cuppy doesn't quite get the sweep, but takes the overall. Congratulations to both. Two titans at the height of their powers.

ANDY HUTCHINS (@AndyHutchins)

Freek wins again, and I have discovered that Reveille as Lassie is going to make me laugh every time. I may be the only person who has Freek winning 2-1.


When cuppycup struck first in Round 3, I thought for sure this one was over. That Watchmen scene has played out in the back of my head a dozen times while watching A&M befuddle its new rivals on the field and off, and finally seeing it realized felt like a wonderful nightmare come true (though there's no imagining how awful prison corn dogs would be). But Freek somehow stole my vote here, with that Les Miles guffaw at the very end clinching it. Pretty much all my votes come down to whether Les Miles laughs or not, and I am a terrible judge.

SAILOR RIPLEY (@BarkingCarnival)

This is another close call in a week where the audience is the true winner. Reveille leaving Johnny out to dry is an instant classic, but I cannot vote against Carl Torbush in the role of Cafeteria Lady. Round 3 goes to cuppycup in a squeaker. Let's hope that GIF duels become an annual event.


Can I call for a tie? As accurately as Johnny Football fits the mold of a midget-sized antihero dumping hot grease all over the dominant alpha males of SEC penal colony, I give the slightest of advantages to Freek: The man is shameless enough to cast an animal in the lead, and have it lick itself, and have Miles without a shirt on, and make us laugh like it's the first time we've ever seen his work. Is he playing to the crowd? Indeed. Do we love it? Absolutely. Go get 'em next year, Cup.