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By the Numbers: LSU

Good grief. See how many ways we should have won this game.



Extra points made by Taylor Bertolet. Out of 2. He also missed one last week in Shreveport. This sort of inconsistency has been an issue for us for so long that we hardly even bother to notice it anymore, but it came back to bite us today against an elite opponent.


Field goals missed by Taylor Bertolet. He also made 2. I know he's a freshman and will improve, but that's 7 points on the table, and we lost by 5. There were plenty of other opportunities for players to step up, but on the year, apart from Dustin Harris' crazy game against SC State our special teams have been the same as they ever were: unimpressive and dangerous.


Interceptions thrown by Johnny, against no TDs. We finally saw what it would be like to see him against the second half Florida defense for an entire game. LSU was prepared, and they were fast. There was some bad luck involved (Mike Evans clang) but in the end it's on QB1. He knows it, and will use it to prepare for next week.


Catches by Kenric McNeal. He stepped up and was a good target for Johnny early in the game. It's always nice to see a veteran guy get some attention, although not many people notice. That's why I'm noticing. Nice work, Kenric.


Total number of turnovers by us. Margin of defeat. We are so close to being as good as we want to be if we could control this. We had a negative 5 differential at home against the #6 team in the country and still had a chance to win. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.


Catches by Mike Evans. Good, but not good enough. NEEDZ MOAR, Coach. Feed him.


Average yards per run we gave up to LSU freshman RB Jeremy Hill. Ouch.


Carries by Christine Michael. Maybe he's out of the doghouse, or maybe Sumlin is tired of him being a non-entity. Either way, I hope the absence is a thing of the past. We need help against MSU and Auburn on the road. He can help us.


Sacks by Damontre Moore, minus a half or so. He's also got 17 tackles for loss. Not a bad year. Do the math, or get sacked.


Catches by Ryan Swope. For 81 yards. I am really happy that he's healthy and contributing again, and that his hair is still perfect.