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GBH Viewer's Guide: Week 8

Better late than never. The fact of the matter is, it’s LSU week and it was tough to focus on the national landscape while our own cuppy cup was taking down LSU Freek and the rest of the crack GBH staff educated you and made you squeal. We have a lot of compelling games this weekend, but I’m admittedly lean on analysis and even offensive stereotypes. There’s always next week, kiddos. TO THE GAMES.

Ronald Martinez

All times Central - my arteries are well done

Friday, October 19

UConn at Syracuse | 7 PM | ESPN

I think I speak for all when I say we'd tune in if this was a tackle basketball game. Make this happen, Big East.

Saturday, October 20

Purdue at Ohio State | 11 AM | ABC/ESPN2

I took last week off from the Big 10 and the ACC, and it felt really good. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. How does Purdue recruit? Selling an engineering school in west Indiana has to be rough. Anyway, Braxton Miller is really, really fun to watch. Can we stop acting like this work/life balance contract that Urban signed with his kids is adorable? He's kind of an asshole.

Virginia Tech at Clemson (19) | 11 AM | ABC/ESPN2

This just reeks like a rotten Clemson soilage of self.

LSU (6) at Texas A&M (18) | 11 AM | ESPN

Please Jesus let this game eventually move to Thanksgiving at night. On CBS. Thousands and thousands have waited for this game since we all knew the Ags were going to the SEC. The Hate Barn needs to dig deep for this offensive 11 AM kick. Reading the College Station police blotter on Monday is going to be a DELIGHT.

South Carolina (7) at Florida (2) | 2:30 PM | CBS

Spurrier back at The Swamp. Now that's some good watchin'. Muschamp seems to take himself awfully seriously, which is ok. He's a football coach at a premier program. Ol Ball Coach doesn't take anything seriously, which is sublime. Watch as Gary Danielson is merciless with his quarterback criticism all while giggling like a schoolgirl over a 6-6 halftime score. THAT'S REAL FOOTBALL, VERNE. NO HUDDLE EQUALS NO DECENCY.

BYU at Notre Dame (5) | 2:30 PM | NBC

The quickest way to get a Mormon missionary off your doorstep? Tell them you're Catholic. A glass of scotch in your mitt never hurts either. This probably won't be very pretty. Both teams play strong defense while the offenses are choppy and erratic. Fortunately, BYU's offense is worse. Notre Dame can't get trapped here before the looming trip to Norman.

Michigan State at Michigan | 2:30 PM | Big Ten Network

Little brother Sparty has won four straight in this series. Noted Sparty fan, Karl Welzein, is likely to get fired today and could use some good news tomorrow.

Texas Tech (17) at TCU (23) | 2:30 PM | ABC/ESPN2

Texas Tech vs. Private School Texas Tech. Does anyone know what to make of the Big 12? West Virginia was getting all the headlines with their OMG SO MANY POINTS BASKETBALL ON TURF. Then they went to Lubbock. Boy, I am so thankful we don't have to go to Lubbock anymore. Anyhow, kudos to the Raiders for their demolishing of the high-octane Mountainmen.

TCU is kind of a quiet 5-1, no? I mean, aside from their quarterback turning into Casey Whinehouse.

Kansas State (4) at West Virginia (15) | 6 PM | FOX

Does Holgo get the ship righted after a demoralizing loss? This is going to be a helluva tilt. Geno Smith flicking it around and Collin Klein and waterbug John Hubert running all over the place.

Alabama (1) at Tennessee | 7 PM | ESPN2

Is Alabama on upset alert here? Tennessee can score. Keep this close for the first half, and we might have a game. Neyland will be at its finest if this stays close. Yeah, yeah, that's a big "if".

Baylor at Texas (25) | 7 PM | ABC

Finances aside, you had a better week than Mack Brown. Are the yawns or boos going to be louder at DKR?

Drink of the Week:

Dixie Beer! We're playing those crazy Cajuns, so I thought I'd salute the mightily refreshing Dixie Beer (RIP). When you think Louisiana beer, your taste buds are sure to conjure hops from the famous, delicious Abita Brewing Company, but these are some fine suds. Katrina put a serious hurt on the brewery and looting was rampant. The beer is supposedly now brewed under contract by other breweries, but it can be tricky to find. Maybe some of our LSU friends can chime in with more info in the comments.

We'll do it better next week I promise. What did I miss? Enjoy the games, gang.