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RESULTS: GIF Duel 2012, Round Two

cuppycup and 8-bit Johnny Manziel took down Round Two with another 3-2 decision from the judges. Wednesday's win clinches #GIFduel2012 for #teamcuppycup leading into Friday's action. Despite the narrow victory awarded to cuppycup by our judges, message board factions have been split. Tune in Friday to see if LSUFreek brings the heat and whether he can salvage the overall vote (currently 6-4). Will cuppycup mail it in for his victory lap or go for the sweep?


Round Two Winner: cuppycup (3-2)

If you missed the Round Two action, click here. Now would also be a great time to buy your #teamcuppycup or #teamFreek t-shirts here.

You can also check out cuppycup's GIF as a video with the original Nintendo soundtrack here.

Decisions and rationale


It absolutely kills me to bury LSUfreek a second consecutive time. While his effort would be mind bogglingly good by any other standards, cuppycup brought the A++ game yet again. I've got a ton of faith that Freek will bounce back in the finale, but cuppy takes the second one as well.

ANDY HUTCHINS (@AndyHutchins)

I haven't been able to even look at Freek's without nearly tearing up about Reveille on a skateboard, so I'm going with that one. Also: THERE ARE NO ACHIEVEMENTS IN NES GAMES YOU JUST PLAYED YOUR BEST UNTIL YOU DIED. /rant


My scorecard is now split, 1-1. If A&M beats LSU this week, cuppycup's GIF will be the definitive account of the game. The density of references (obvious favorite: "1837-present*") and complete narrative would be a lot for any GIF to top, even one featuring such expertly deployed hurrrr faces on our Manziel and Sumlin characters.

SAILOR RIPLEY (@BarkingCarnival)

Someone told me that Ted Nugent wanted to "get naked and write a symphony" after he watched Deliverance. That's how I felt after watching LSUFreek's masterpiece for 10 minutes on a loop. The source is inspired and Freek has an uncanny ability to match faces to movie clips. In another close call, Round 2 belongs to LSUFreek.


I give this round to CuppyCup. It's hard to top R.C. Slocum mid-hoedown, but if Shutdown Fullback has taught us anything, it's that gyrating 8-bit beefcake is the true avatar of successful college football commentary.