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Radio Show Episode 37 - Good Bull Mailbag LSU Week

It's LSU Week! Join us tonight at 8PM for The Around Aggieland Show as Derek, Hunter, and Wes tackle all things LSU Week.

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This is going to be an epic week. So much of an epic week that we are moving the live radio show to tonight at 8PM. We've got the #GIFDuel2012 going on today, Wednesday, and Friday between #TeamCuppyCup and #TeamFreek, so you know we are going to break down what happened in Round 1 of the fight to the....death. And ERMAHGERD we can't wait to see what the guys put together for this week's The Tailgate on Wednesday. Then, at approximately the butt crack of dawn, LSU and A&M will go to battle at Kyle Field. We've got a lot to talk about tonight, and Ryne Hancock, author of Say Goodnight Cassie and SEC blogger, will join us to talk about his book and this weekend's matchup. If you have questions for the LSU fans, post 'em below and we will get Ryne to be their voice.

As always, leave comments below about what you want us to throw into the conversation and talk about. If you're more of an "actually be social and communicate kind of person", you can call us live on the air at 347-237-4898. Make sure you tune in live and listen at or here. If you missed last week's show, we've got you covered.

Comment now. Call in tonight. Thanks and Gig 'em.