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Monday Links

Johnny Football. He's pretty good, I guess.

Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Hell of a game. I think I had no fewer than 7 heart attacks. Worth it? Damn right. We got to see our favorite play maker do what he does: go insane and break records. He's a mutant. Not of this world. As the kids would say: totes cray cray amazeballs. They aren't saying that anymore? Hell fart. Well, let's listen to Shutdown Fullback talk about JFF:

Holy S: He Plays Defense, Too?!?! - Are you freaking kidding me, son? Leading the SEC in rushing wasn't enough for you, was it? No. Being a real-life video game character not fulfilling your personal expectations? No. Well what the hell, he'll force a fumble and make a tackle while losing a shoe. Johnny, you wanna write the blog for me? He'd wreck our current page views if he did. Record breaking son of a...

JFF Breaks JFF's Record Because JFF Wants It That Way - He did it again. If you're keeping track, the record book for Total Offense in the SEC reads: 1. JFF, 2. JFF, 3. Manning Patriarch.

And BTW, Heisman Watch - Yeah, this talk is now more than just idle Aggie chatter. If JFF can pull off a win this weekend, you're going to be seeing him everywhere you go. He already haunts Defensive Coordinators' nightmares.

Bennie, Sammy and KeKe - These guys are the next to try and corral Johnny Everything, and they'll be the best he's seen all year. This team is hot off a home win vs. South Carolina and they want a nice glass of Aggie to wash that one down. Well, boys, I made your names all rhyme. What do you think about that? Not so manly now, are ya? Please don't kill me. #teamcuppycup