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Louisiana Tech: By the Numbers

We recap the thing that never happened in Shreveport.

Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire


Touchdowns we scored before ESPNU switched to our game. Thankfully we were able to see Vanderbilt fail to make a miraculous two-touchdown comeback against Florida while our game had already kicked off. I like Vandy and what Franklin's doing, but the end of that game was worse than a damn NBA playoff game where everyone's fouling everybody despite having no chance at all of winning. And we missed seeing C-Mike's best play of the season. ESPN, folks.


Johnny. He became legend once again in another insane finish. Whenever we seem to think he can't do anything more to impress us, he busts out a long bomb to Mike Evans or scrambles for 72 yards and a TD. I don't know where this crazy train is going to end up, but I sure as hell don't want to get off at this point.


Number of rushing TDs by Johnny. Number of passing TDs by Johnny. Number of threadbare stray homeless puppies Johnny rescued on the way back to the airport.


Catches by our leading receiver, Mike Evans. Fortunately, it came with 137 yards and a TD. This is the second week in a row that Mike has passed the 100 yard mark. It's clear that he and Johnny have some great chemistry, and it's going to be fun to watch them for the next few years.


Passing TDs allowed. Ouch. I'm a huge fan of Mark Snyder, but as we learned last week he'll be the first one to tell us that this thing has got to be fixed NOW. Fortunately, we probably won't face an offense as talented as Louisiana Tech for the rest of the season, but that still doesn't do much to dispel the unease around the defense that last night's performance raised.


Touchdowns allowed in the second half. 41 points, after being up 27-0 at one point in the first half. This has been the painful mantle we've been pinned with by the media now after last year''s series of second half collapses. The only guy who can fix this is Mark Snyder. I think he can do it, but I'm pretty patient.


EZ sighting! He had a couple of grabs early for around 40 yards receiving. Good to see him get back in the game after being a non-factor last week.


Penalties by Louisiana Tech, for 95 yards. We had 19 for 165 yards. This may be the quietest disturbing stat from last night. It's not characteristic, and we need to fix this immediately. Five yards could mean the game against teams like LSU and Mississippi State. Yes, Mississippi State scares me. We're doing the Snow Bowl uniform throwback thing.


YPC by Manziel (roughly). This is a great number and all, but it's not gonna happen against LSU next week. But still, he was able to run for a buck-eighty against a ranked team. That's something, right? Right? /cowers in corner



Tackles by Damontre Moore. Wow. This gentleman has clearly become our new defensive statesman. Add another sack and a half to his year's totals and we've got one of the better defensive ends in the SEC not named Barkevious or Jadaveon.


Catches we gave up to Louisiana Tech's Quinton Patton. For 221 yards and 4 touchdowns. I just...yeah. We gotta get on that.