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Friday Links Need Your Attention

These links will make your Aggie pants do a little dance. Get your read on about the upcoming match up with La Tech!

Stacy Revere - Getty Images

Good Afternoon, Good Bull Hunting Readers! I'm Thacktor and I'm here to provide you with some end-of-week reading material to make that last bit of Friday fly by. Let's get started.

Good Bull Hunting: The Podcast - In our latest attempt to span mediums, we've decided to put a voice to our blog. Join Hunter and Derek as they discuss Aggie Football and have AC and I on to provide a little humor for your listening pleasure. Knock this out in the background while you work today, let us know what you think. Among other things, we discuss a hypothetical about altering your nose for bathroom purposes and the upcoming Gif (hard G) battle between Cuppycup and LSUFreek.

Johnny Football: The Backstory - This article should have been titled "Football Begins" because it's your introduction to how Bruce Wayne became Batman. Yeah, that was a bit of a stretch, but the kid is good. Kick some ass this weekend, JFF.

Game Preview: Shreveport Times- We have traditions. Did you know that? Well now Shreveport does. Nice little game preview.


Nothing to Lose - La Tech is "the last of the Cinderellas." I'm sure there won't be another. Ever.

This Guy Has Us Winning by 1 Point - But if you need your game prediction fix, here you go.

Tune in on Monday where I'll be sure to post a gang of articles about this weekend's match up. Until then, enjoy your weekend.