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Good Bull Hunting Hit the Airwaves - Podcast

Like we mentioned yesterday, our next step in taking over the internet is to team up with The Around Aggieland Radio Show and kidnap your eardrums. This week we talked Ole Miss in review, the Good Bull Mailbag, and Louisiana Tech. Oh, and something about pooping through your nose...that too.

Every Thursday night you can tune in to The Around Aggieland Radio Show to listen to Derek, Hunter, and Wes from right here at Good Bull Hunting take over the airwaves with a strange mixture of sports talk and general debauchery. Last night's episode recapped the Ole Miss victory, then Wes and A.C. joined in to talk hypotheticals (nose poop) and the Cuppy vs. LSUFreek matchup next week (jump to the 30:00 minute mark for the madness). We wrapped the show up taking a look around the SEC this week and the jumped in to the A&M/LA Tech matchup tomorrow.

Click Play. Enjoy. Comment. Tune in next week.

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