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Radio Show Episode 36 - Good Bull Mailbag

The team here at Good Bull Hunting is continuing our efforts to take over the interwebs. Our next phase begins as we integrate the Around Aggieland Radio Show. This weekly show focuses on the world of Aggie sports with an SEC glazing and a dash of other college and professional sports. As always, we want to focus on what the GBH nation wants to hear and talk about.

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Every week on the show we will have a segment called the Good Bull Mailbag. Leave a comment below or hit us up on the Twitter machine and let us know what you want to hear.

Let's all just be honest with each other. We are playing Louisiana Tech this weekend. Sure, they are a pretty decent team and have some nicely inflated numbers, but there isn't a whole lot to talk about. In case you missed the news, our very own CuppyCup will be taking on the legendary LSUFreek next week in a LSU/A&M week long Gif-off battle to the death. Well, maybe not death, but hey, let's make it interesting. Throw some ideas around in the comments below and we will discuss them on the show tonight to make sure #TeamCuppyCup gets the W next week.

As always, you can call in and talk to us live on the air by dialing 347-237-4898. Listen live tonight starting at 8PM at or