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MSPOW: Cupcakes with a Bang

Surely everyone knows that munching down on a bunch of cupcakes won't prepare one for a real football team. Right?

So, Louisiana Tech fancies themselves as a top caliber program, a BCS Buster, and a lock for Top-10 Status by the end of the year.

Let's take a look at some quick facts and do a little extrapolation.

The evidence:


Some analysis:

  1. LaTech has not beaten a winning team this year.
  2. The have only held one opponent under its Offensive Average (Illinois only had 324 yards)
  3. Every team so far has outpaced their own average Scoring Offense versus LaTech's defense to the tune of 42% on average (remember that number you'll need it later)
  4. LaTech, on the other hand, has outpaced each opponent's scoring defense to the tune of 58% (wow! that's a big number... remember it too for it won't be as significant as you might think)
  5. Only Virginia was able to hold LaTech underneath it's own Defensive Average (LaTech only gained 385 yards against Virginia)

Okay, so remember those numbers I asked you to hold in your head - 42% and 58%. If we do a little extrapolation based on Texas A&M's results and LaTech's known tendencies versus their opponents average we could estimate that A&M would achieve 42% greater than it's average 44.6 points per game: 44.6 + (44.6 * 42%) = 63 points. We could also infer that LaTech would achieve 58% greater than Texas A&M's 14.8 points allowed per game: 14.8 + (14.8 * 58%) = 30 points.
Anyways, I wrote all that so that you could understand this:

(Click picture above to enlarge)